Friday, September 17, 2010


in·cor·ri·gi·ble [in-kawr-i-juh-buh l] –adjective

Series 1
1. bad beyond correction or reform

I am Hard Rust.  I am Incorrigible.  I am a completely rotten, amoral bastard with no redeeming qualities.  I'll fuck you, wipe my cock off with your hair, then toss you 20L and kick you out.

Most of the time I take pictures of the sex.  But what does one do with hundreds of pictures of oneself having sex?  Post them for all to see, of course.

Those familiar with my Flickr account have probably seen a series of posters I created under the title "Hard Rust is Incorrigible".  The first series of 8 posters focused on me fucking several different women in a variety of positions.  As a rule, faces are not very visible.  I did this mostly for artistic reasons but also because I didn't have the permission of the other party to publicly display images of our sexual play.

Series 2
In the second series of 8, the woman in the posters with me is Candace Flossberg, my soon-to-be bride and the hottest girl in all of SL.  I knew she didn't care if I showed her face (in fact, I'm sure she prefers it), so these posters were slightly different.

Now, with this Blog, I plan to continue to the third series of posters.  Once again, my sex partner will be different most of the time and may or may not be Candace.  I plan on releasing one poster with each future blog post.  These posts may also include non-poster pics from the encounter.  So if you like looking at pics of me fucking, this is the blog for you!

This is all about art and sex.  Sometimes you just have to let art wash over you... like a steaming hot load of cum in the face.

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  1. First!!! LOL Your first comment and second follower, well done Hard!!!!
    Kisses xoxoxox