Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spirit's Art

Last time I posted pictures that were taken by me.  This time I am posting pictures taken by Spirit.

Our relationship can be stormy.

What better place for romance than a junkyard?

Too cheap to get us a room, our date ends on the sidewalk.

I don't know why I blindfolded her.  I'm pretty sure she knows it's me.

I won't even let her work in peace.  Someone's milkshake is going to be late.

This is art.

That's my shadow, so technically I am IN this pic.

Kiss of the Spider Woman.

Our Guild Wars 2 characters after the destruction of Lion's Arch.

Spirit's version of our Casino pic.

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil... have no clue that evil is behind you.

Slow dancing to the record player.

Yep.  I won't even wait for her to have her morning coffee.

Picture Spirit did for one of her Erotigacha poses.

Our "May the 4th" pic.

That's me as Pikachu.  Aren't I adorable?

Spirit teasing my old avie, Zoom.

Me saving Spirit from the apocalypse.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

It's Art!

These are not the normal "Hard Rust is Incorrigible" style, but it's been forever since I did any pics in that series so here are some that I've done lately with the lovely Spirit Eleonara.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hard Luck Motel

This is a bit different from the normal "Incorrigible" pics.  These are from an RP sex scene Naiya and I had in a special area I set up way above Hard Alley (although you can now find the Motel in the Alley now where the Gang Bang Club used to be)

These pics don't capture how hot the actual RP was.  Just sayin'.

Click the pics for full size versions.

Starring Naiya Valeska as "the Victim", Adrian Hauptmann as "the Date", Zoom Sprocket as "the Motel Clerk", and Hard Rust as "the Attacker".

Late at night, parked in a dark, abandoned part of town...

Naiya and Adrian are in the back seat.  Adrian is not getting what he wants.

Naiya: "No Adrian.  I'm not that kind of girl.  I'm saving myself."
Adrian: "Get the fuck out.  Fucking frigid cunt!"

Zoom:  "Hey.  Looks like your date dumped you."

Naiya: "Yeah and now I'm stuck out here with no way to get home."

Zoom: "I can let you have a room for the night
and help you find a way home in the morning."

Naiya: "That would be very nice, but I don't have money for a room."

Zoom: "Don't worry about that now.  I am sure we'll work something out."

Naiya: "I'm sure I'll find a way to repay your kindness."

Zoom: "Your room is the last one on the end.  Sleep well."

Naiya's ass wiggles as she walks to her room for the night.

Naiya looks around her room  It's not quite as nice as she is used to.

Naiya doesn't even hear the sound of the bathroom door opening,
or the sound of heavy footsteps creeping up behind her.

Before she knows it, Naiya is blindfolded and thrown to the bed.

Fearing for her life, Naiya pleads with her attacker not to harm her.

All she can hear is the sound of his heavy breathing.

Suddenly, she feels his rough hands on her, holding her down.

Her panties are torn from her as she cries for help.

The attacker grabs her hair and forces his cock into her mouth.

She gags as he uses her mouth, never giving her a moment to breathe.

Her tears flow down her cheeks as she is forced to suck his thick meat.

She beg for him to leave her alone.  She tells him she is a virgin.

She is not a virgin for long.

Despite her tearful pleading, he viciously has his way with her.

He slams his cock into her hard.  Her pain and shame overwhelming her.

She feels her own body begin to betray her.  She begins to feel pleasure.

Her wetness grows.  Her nipples harden.

She begins to moan with pleasure without thinking.

He rips her shirt off, releasing her beautiful breasts.

He pounds her harder and harder as she gives in to him.

He pushes her up onto the bed, feeling her losing her resistance.

Suddenly she feels his cock pressing between her ass cheeks.

Again she begs for him to stop, even as he drives his cock into her tight ass.

She screams in pain and pleasure as her ass is violated.

She has never felt so alive.  So controlled.  So dominated.

Her ass burns from the savage fucking so much she fails to hear the door open.

Zoom: "It's time to pay for your room, slut."

She feels a new cock at her lips and eagerly sucks it into her mouth.

She backs up against the thrusting cock in her ass, wanting it deeper.

Zoom: "Fuck she's a goddam cocksucking natural!"

Zoom quickly moves beneath her and shoves his cock in her cunt.

Naiya moans as both her holes are stuffed with huge cocks.

She cums hard, begging the men to fuck her all night... to never stop.

Naiya knows she'll never leave.  She will be their fucktoy forever.